Saturday, November 10, 2007

When Your Sneaker Is A Shoe In

The foot is an important element from our anatomy, it is essential in order to travel on foot.

Without appropriate shoe selections we can have several problems, not only can the feet go become damaged, the vertebral column, the hips and all the bones, tendons and sinews are connected to the feet.

First, you must decide what your needs are in a shoe. What kind of sport shoe do you need? Is this for comfort or for fashion? If comfort is your main focus, dont spend too much time on selecting the color or design.

Once you finally make your selection, your shoes must adapt to the feet, not the opposite. Meaning, if you see a shoe design that is a must have and you try it on and your feet can barely fit into the shoethere are more fish in the seein other words, there are more shoes on the rack to choose from. Dont compromise your comfort.

The following information are examples of shoe types:

- The sneaker: is an athletic shoe, made for running, boating, basketball and tennis.

- The boating shoes have soft soles and heels for dont damage the boat.

- Boot-sneakers are for dress than for sport. Remember hi-heeled sneakers from the 1990s.

- Golf Shoes: the difference is that they have spikes, for grip the ground and grass; now the spikes are made of synthetic plastic.

- Skating: are a variety of styles: ice-skating, roller-skating, in line-skating and hockey.

- Dance: here is several differences, almost every style have different shoes:

For Instance:

- For classic ballet: dance shoes have (really light), point shoes.
- For jazz, contemporary ballet, dance shoes (not as light as for classic ballet).
- For Flamenco, Tango, and some Latin-American dances: shoes with heels.
- For Country, dance cowboy boots.
- Climbing: design for the adaptation to the materials use in this sport.
- Cycling: Has special metal materials for the pedals.

Its not only important to choose the appropriate shoes for the specific sport, the quality, the transpiration and in some sports it is quite important the amortiguation prevents lesions.
(The adjustment can be with cords, Velcro or elastics.)

The life of a sport shoe is about 800 and 1.500 kms, that doesnt mean that you have to count the kilometres you make but if you are constantly standing or walking throughout the course of the day, dont use the same shoes for a long period of time.

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