Monday, October 29, 2007

Forum Marketing: Is Forum Marketing Right For Your Internet Marketing Efforts? Part 1

A forum is sort of a gathering place for like minded individuals with whom you can communicate about your niche. Other names a forum is commonly referred to are message boards, electronic discussion boards, bulletin boards, discussion forums and discussion groups. Every niche has hundred of Forums to choose from. The great thing about forums is that you can target a certain group of people that fit the demographics you are looking for.

Forum marketing is what this article is all about. Forum Marketing is basically the methods and techniques one uses on a forum in order to legally drive free website traffic to your site without violating the forums Terms of Service. In other words, what can you do to drive traffic to your site without breaking any of the rules of the forum?

There are anonymous forums allowing for full anonymity that allow post without registering. Then there are the forums that require that one register with a login name and a password before being allowed to participate in any discussions. A majority of member only forums are moderated to ensure that the content one posts is appropriate for that niche topic as well as to prevent spam. Participants are identified by unique usernames and graphical avatars. Forum marketing works in all sorts of forums.

It can be a huge benefit and asset to driving free traffic to your website if only you will participate in the ongoing discussions in a forum. Every time you enter a post, whether you initiated it or not enables you to place a copy of your website link at the bottom. Considering that forums are usually high traffic sites, most of the popular ones have a high Page Rank. When you place your link on the forum, it is crawled as a backlink to your website from a high page rand site which carries a great deal of weight in where your site will end up in the search engines. Joining more then one forum: the more backlinks you are able to obtain, the better the chance you have of ranking very high up (maybe even the first page) of the search engines for your various keywords.

Often times anonymity plays an important role for the forum participant. You will find that people on forums are more apt to discuss even topics they would never consider discussing in person with others. They will talk about anything and everything online.

By visiting forums and taking note of what people are most concerned about you can search the Internet for products and services that will help them solve those problems. Gather the information about the topic. Write or have written for you articles about the topic. In this way you can find a topic and build a content-rich website for niche marketing that helps with the problem you have identified and that will serve the needs of people. This is a neat way to satisfy the need to know what the problem is before you put out the product solution to the problem. Most writers, especially newbie's, will put together a product before identifying their marketing, kind of like putting the cart before the horse.. By paying attention to the concerns of people on your niche forums, you are approaching the idea of product development in the correct way kind of like putting the horse before the cart, which is, of course, where the horse is supposed to be.

In applying the concept above, you will also be quite successful in identifying great niche marketing websites you can build. A unique way of expanding on your new website idea is to pose various questions on the forums you have joined and elicit multiple answers on major issues of concern. Post a question that will produce many responses and use those responses to write an e-book on the topic. The fact is that many people will buy an e-book that is filled with information they could actually gather for themselves. They will also purchase e-books that will tell them what other people with the same problem they have think about or are doing about their common problem.

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