Saturday, October 20, 2007

Article Marketing Domination Review

My favorite free Internet marketing strategy is article marketing. I've been using this technique since 1995 online and offline with great success. Many e-books (including mine) cover this topic but Article Marketing Domination goes one step further to maximize your article marketing efforts.

Article Marketing Domination by Joshua Spaulding is unique in that it focuses on advanced strategies for article marketers with some experience. Joshua is the CEO of Spaulding Marketing, Inc. an internet marketing firm that provides top-notch marketing services to small business owners.

The chapters of this 29 page, single spaced e-book include:

About The Author
What You Must Know
Effective Article Creation
Effective Article Distribution
Marketing Your Article Marketing
Latent Semantic Indexing
89 E-Zines Where You Can Publish Your Articles
Valuable Resources
Closing Thoughts

Joshua opens the e-book by focusing on the changes in article marketing over the past few years. He offers his perspective as an article directory owner an as an article marketer.

Joshua covers keyword selection that will help article marketers stress less about keyword use and density. He also focuses on title creation and how to create an effective resource box.

An after submission strategy created by Joshua helps article marketers get the most out of their submissions. This strategy is truly unique and worth the price of this e-book.

Joshua closes his e-book with a list of e-zines that accept article submissions on the topics of health, home business, travel and home and family. He then suggests some valuable resources and closes with inspiring quotes.

Included as a bonus to your purchase of Article Marketing Domination is the software "Article Submitter" and an e-book "Write Like A Maniac".

Joshua and I have different opinions on only two points: the importance of proper grammar and spelling in articles and the recommended length. On all other points we agree and Joshua even taught this long-time article marketer a thing or two!

I found Article Marketing Domination to be an excellent resource for article marketers who are looking for an edge over their competition.

(c) 2007, Davis Virtual Assistance. Reprint rights are granted to all venues so long as the by-line is included and all links are made live.

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