Thursday, October 18, 2007

Protecting Blueprints at the Construction Site

Blueprints are a critical part of any construction job, whether the job is big or small. In all cases, the ubiquitous blueprint is always in danger of being torn, damage, stained, or just worn out.

Contractors typically carry blueprints as rolled documents which are referenced repeated times during a work day at the construction site. The potential dangers for blueprints include general wear and tear, weather, coffee spills, burns from cigarette ashes, and dirt and grime. The contractor often travels from site to site with the rolled blueprints tossed causally in the truck. If you have ever been to a construction site, you know that they are a chaotic and dirty place; this makes protecting blueprints at a construction site a full-time job. Thus, the life of a blueprint at the construction is short.

Luckily new options now exist in the form of storing blueprints in plastic covers. These covers are proving to be a good method to protect files from coffee spills, weather, or dirt. They can also protect the documents from cigarette ashes. Plastic covers can provide good protection for blueprints that need to be carried from site to site; in effect, the blueprints become more durable and longer lived.

Transporting blueprints in carriers is becoming a popular option since blueprints can be transported neatly, safely and conveniently. Carrier systems eliminate curl?that makes rolled documents hard to handle. Carriers are engineered from durable, heavy duty materials designed to stand up to harsh weather and construction environments. Some of the carrier systems come with extra pockets and zipper closures, while others are compatible with all file cabinets back at the office.

For the same reason, laminated files are becoming more popular for engineers, construction workers, and architects in the field. Large document lamination is affordable and provides for the ultimate safety of a document, although the weight of the document is more than doubled. Long term storage of laminated documents can prove problematic since they are inflexible and can get permanently creased.


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